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PPR Piping Solutions

Instead of traditional metal piping, Auroflux has been introducing the advanced PPR piping technology to suit various industrial requirements,   having completed hundreds of successful utility piping projects with PPR piping technology, earning a good name.

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Solar Thermal Solutions

Various industries burn LPG/Diesel or other fuels to produce 70 to 1000 C of temperature, but Auroflux, for the first time in India, collaborating with Aspiration Energy, is the only company in India, which produced hot water of more than 100 Deg C.,  through the simple principles of ETC-Technology.

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Utility Consultancy

Auroflux Technology is the only experienced consultant available for designing and executing projects for utility products; products like compressed air, cooling tower and chiller for small & medium industries as the only one of this kind with technological expertise and low-cost solution.

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Heat Pipe Technology

 Heat pipe is a simple and energy efficient way of transferring heat from process, from which we can obtain the results without water cooling systems, wherever we need to cool an application, which is above dry bulb temperature.

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Adiabatic Pad

Adiabatic pads are widely used in Western countries to cool the water below dry bulb temperature with air cooled heat exchangers, where as Auroflux develops special type of Eco-Fabric adiabatic pads to suit various process applications, thus saving industrial cooling water.

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LED Solutions

Now-a-days People strive to conserve electrical energy in and around the world, whereas Auroflux Technology offers various types of LED lighting solutions for new projects and solutions for replacing other systems into LED system.

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Recent Projects

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Aquatherm PP-R Pipes.

Auroflux Technology holds the dealership for Aquatherm PP-R pipes, made in Germany, which is evaluated as the top most quality... Read More →

Extensions towards south.

Auroflux has started a new branch office for extending its marketing sources towards the southern regions of Tamil Nadu at Manapparai... Read More →

Why Choose Us?

Auroflux designs Utility Products. Supplies the products like Air Dryer, Cooling Tower, Chillers, Coil coolers with complete piping design and erection. We provide complete utility solutions, all under one roof
Auroflux, partnering with Aspiration Energy, designs and supplies solar thermal plants,which produces hot fluids up to a temperature of more than 100 deg.c. This is innovative and the first time in India.
Auroflux will study the existing industrial cooling tower water consumption and provides various kind of water saving solutions like air cooled system with adiabatic principle

Achieve with Auroflux for all kinds of Piping solutions and Utility Designs

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